Fundraise for West Hampstead Women's Centre

You can help us raise money in many ways. You could complete an event, like Hannah and Scott who ran a half marathon to raise money for the centre. You could hold a bake sale or an event with your friends. If you have any ideas for fundraising events or would like to complete a challenge on our behalf please get in touch. None of our services would happen without donations so we really appreciate your help.

Lavender bags, crafts and second-hand books

If you have any books you no longer need please bring these to the centre as we sell second-hand books to raise funds. We also sell hand-crafted items such as knitted baby clothes and bears so if you are good at crafts and would like to donate any items to help women in need then we would be most grateful. Please contact us for more information.

Raise money for the centre while you shop

Did you know you can raise money for the centre while you shop? Find out more here: Help us while you shop.