Gardening Project

Tuesdays 10am-12:30pm.

Join our friendly gardening group and learn practical gardening skills for free!

The therapeutic benefits of gardening are well documented, and women taking part have noticed that gardening has improved their physical, mental and social wellbeing.

  • Grow vegetables and herbs
  • Learn how to maintain different flowers and shrubs
  • Prepare plants and vegetable produce to sell
  • Opportunities to attend training courses and workshops
  • Optional support to find gardening work experience

All tasks are carried out with great care and attention to detail, from seed sowing and planting in Spring, tending, harvesting and cutting in the Summer, deadheading and pruning in the Autumn, to preparing for the following season during Winter. Last year almost 24kg of vegetables and fruit were harvested, and either sold to our members or used in the centre.

One participant commented:

“Taking part in the gardening project has made such a difference to my health. I enjoy meeting the other volunteers, and learning about how to grow plants. Being outside in nature makes me feel calm.”

Come and learn, get fit, enjoy the open air and discover green fingers you never knew you had!

The gardening workshops are led by a female gardening tutor and are held on Tuesdays from 10am-12:30pm.